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How to Prepare for a Root Canal

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Most people worry when they hear they need to have root canal treatment. The more you understand about the dental procedure, the better you can prepare yourself and reduce that fear. Here are some tips to follow to get ready for yours:

  • Read up - Take the time to educate yourself about what is involved. If the dental office gave you a handout or pamphlet, review it so you know what to expect. Make a list of any additional questions you would like answered before your appointment.
  • Stay calm - One of the best ways to reduce pain is by relaxing. Try to get your day in order before your root canal to allow time to rest and recuperate. If your doctor gave you any prescriptions, get them filled and administer them as directed. Anything else that helps you calm down, such as listening to music or meditating, may also help get rid of your jitters.
  • Get comfy - Wear loose-fitting clothing that keeps you cozy and comfortable. Keep your routine simple as chances are, you will be resting after your treatment. It’s okay not to look your best.
  • Don’t forget - Pay attention to any pre-operative instructions, such as refraining from eating and smoking. Take any prescriptions with you. Be sure to arrange a ride home as you should not be driving after you have been sedated.

Taking just a little time to get ready is all it takes to make it through your root canal treatment. If you want more information about root canals, contact Shroff Dental Center in Plantation at 954-423-3969.