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​Beautify Your Smile With Quality Dental Implants

Dental implants have dramatically changed the lives of many for better. Placement and restoration of implants help patients overcome:

  • Devastating and detrimental effects of missing teeth
  • Poor chewing function
  • Social embarrassment

The Right Dentist Can Help You Make Your Decision

  • Improves chewing function and overall appearance
  • Brings back self-esteem and self confidence
  • Feel like natural strong and comfortable teeth
  • Ideal solution for replacing missing teeth

Full Sets of Upper and Lower Dentures

Full sets of upper and lower dentures are offered to patients who have lost all natural teeth. Amongst the upper and lower full sets, most patients experience more trouble with lower dentures. They complain of loose and floating dentures not fitting well and have to use lots of dental adhesive or paste. Loose and floating dentures' problems can be solved by placing two or four dental implants with over dentures (locator attachment). Attachments are placed over the implant and click into the implant with a press button styled device. This keeps the denture in place as it snaps on the device. Denture becomes more stable and improves function and overall confidence.

Facts about Implant Supported Dentures

  • Gold standard for tooth or teeth replacement
  • Preserves bone quality and quantity
  • Functions and feels like natural teeth
  • Dentures fit like a glove and are stable
  • No denture adhesive or paste needed

Facts about removable and full dentures

  • Old technology
  • Least expensive option initially but gets expensive in the long run
  • Causes bone loss and needs frequent re-lining
  • Does not feel and function like natural teeth
  • Could be unstable
  • Needs denture adhesive or paste such Fixodent or Polygrip

Dental implants are the ideal solution for replacing missing teeth. Alternatively, we offer unique flexible options.

Our Quality, Affordable Dentures Repair Your Smile

At Shroff Dental Center, our friendly, compassionate staff and expert dentist are ready and waiting to take care of you. Whether you need to be fitted for a new set or require a denture repair, we have what you need at affordable rates in the Plantation, Sunrise and Fort Lauderdale areas. Bring life back to your smile.

Ask about our 0% financing. Most dental insurance plans accepted. Call our friendly staff today at 954-423-3969 to learn more and set up an appointment.