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Single-Visit & Affordable Root Canals

Hearing that you need a root canal from your dentist isn’t the best news that you’ve ever gotten. You start thinking of painful procedures and recollect the horror stories heard from friends and family. However, at Dr. Shroff Plantation Dental we make sure your endodontic root canal experience is like none you’ve had before. Our empathetic and highly trained staff wants you to feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire root canal procedure. Utilizing our state-of-the-art technology and tranquil, recently remodeled office, we ensure a stress-free root canal encounter.

Recognize Signs and Symptoms of Root Canals

Root canals are performed when the tooth or teeth are infected due to cracked or fractured tooth. They are performed when you have an infection that usually starts with a cracked tooth or cavity that moves deeper and deeper until it begins to infect the actual nerve itself. Sometimes there is a history of injury in the past or discoloration of the injured tooth. If you have these symptoms, you most likely have:

  • Extreme tooth pain, even waking you up at night
  • Swollen gums surrounding the problem tooth
  • Highly sensitive teeth that are affected by hot/cold and chewing

In order to treat these symptoms, a tooth is drilled allowing Dr. Shroff to remove pulp skillfully out of the tooth. Roots are thoroughly cleaned and root canal filling is placed. Root canal teeth are non-vital (dead) teeth but they function in a normal tooth after being restored with the crown.

When You May Need Endodontic Treatment

No matter what type of dental care you’re needing, Dr. Shroff Plantation Dental is here for everything at one location. We take pride in offering you the most caring, kind and expert dentist’s team at Dr. Shroff Plantation Dental in the Plantation, Sunrise and Fort Lauderdale areas.

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